We are artists influenced by nature.
We create one-of-a-kind designs
that inspire people to live their best lives
surrounded by things they love.


Life's too short for ordinary.



We honor our clients by always being positive, respect the privilege of their time and investment, provide direction based on experience, and seek to exceed expectations.


We don’t believe in barriers.  We are respectful of the past but build for the future.  We choose to adopt an abundance mindset.  We are custodians of great design.


We live in the world of details and understand the importance of communicating emotion properly.  A gift imprints the recipient with a deep-seated memory that will last a lifetime.  Therefore, we are committed to providing premium gifts and maintaining their integrity from conception to completion.


From a very early age, I’ve always been immersed in the visual arts in some form or another. Growing up in Iowa, I developed a love for gardening which was fostered by my maternal and paternal grandmothers. At the time, I didn’t think the knowledge I gained while pulling weeds would ever come in handy. Boy, was I ever wrong.

In 2014, I was working in marketing for a tech startup in San Francisco. I kept thinking I wanted to do something more fun and creative, so I started researching floral schools. The next day my husband, Travis, and I took the train to the San Francisco Flower Mart to attend a class, and my love for floral design blossomed. I had no experience in the floral business but I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do.

After years of perfecting my floral designs, and a move back to Iowa, I decided it was time for a new challenge, so I created VASED.

With each of my designs, I seek to create an experience that invokes all the senses. Thus enriching the lives and filling the recipient with a lasting memory.

Founder/CEO of VASED
Nick Swenston, CEO